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With Calculator by OneLaunch, getting the numbers you need has never been easier. Download the Calculator by OneLaunch search application to enjoy quick access to a variety of calculators. Need a scientific calculator? Body Mass Index? A currency converter? Personal finance calculators? We’ve got you covered. From a convenient omni-present location at the top of your desktop, you can start crunching the numbers as quick as 1-2-3!
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The features you’ve been waiting for.

A slim, barely-there dock tucked at the top of your desktop, OneLaunch is packed with all the features that make the PC experience more convenient and efficient. One click will get you instant access to the OneLaunch browser, your go-to shortcuts, apps, and more.

A personalized dashboard.

Dashboards are only as useful as the content they feature. So we designed the OneLaunch dashboard with all of your most used (and most important) content—and all without the hassle of setting it up yourself.

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Because design matters.

Sleek and discreet

A sleek dock at the top of your screen, OneLaunch knows how to be discreet when you’re busy getting work done.

One-click access

We’ll save you all the navigating. With just one click, you can search the Internet, access shortcuts, or view your personalized dashboard.

Always there for you

Literally. OneLaunch is always at the top of your screen, so you never need to search for a browser window, recent file or app again.